Rumi's Riddle

The Lost Rainforest


Rumi's Riddle will be available soon.
Estimated Ship Date is February 5, 2020

Author: Eliot Schrefer

Illustrator: Emilia Dziubak

Estimated Ship Date: February 5, 2020

When the shadowwalkers were victorious in their battle against the Ant Queen, they hoped their work to save Caldera was done. But the rainforest has begun to rumble. Rumi, a scholarly tree frog who can control the wind, must bring his band of animal friends to face the greatest danger they’ve yet faced—the giant volcano beneath the jungle itself. While Rumi has solved many riddles to get this far, wits and wind alone won’t stop this foe.

While the volcano roars, rumors of a mysterious evil blanket Caldera—the Elemental of Darkness has emerged and is building a legion of followers. When the shadowwalkers are forced to divide and conquer, Rumi finds himself an unlikely leader and must grapple with his own secrets before he can unlock the full scope of his magical powers. Can Rumi rally the shadowwalkers to save their rainforest home?

In the action-packed conclusion to the Lost Rainforest series, award-winning and bestselling author Eliot Schrefer delivers one last fun and thrilling adventure as the shadowwalkers are pushed to the limit to protect Caldera and all its animal inhabitants.