Gogi's Gambit

The Lost Rainforest


Author: Eliot Schrefer

Illustrator: Emiilia Dziubak

Caldera, a magical rainforest, has always been separated between those animals who walk in the day and those who walk at night. Until recently, these two groups have always existed in harmony. Then an ancient evil awakened and the shadowwalkers were sent scurrying from the Ant Queen’s attacks. Now, Gogi, a shadowwalker monkey still learning to wield his fire powers, must find a powerful object to harness the magic of the eclipse in order to defeat this new foe. Joined by a healing bat, an invisible panther, and a tree frog with the ability to control the winds, these animal friends race to save their home and bring it back into balance. Your young readers will adore this tale of the wild as they discover hidden secrets, fantastic magic, and untold dangers on this journey deep into the rainforest.