Peanut Gets Fed Up


Author: Dana Wulfekotte

Illustrator: Dana Wulfekotte

A favorite stuffed animal can’t be too loved . . .  or can it? Toy Story meets Knuffle Bunny in this picture book exploring the enduring bond between a child and her beloved stuffed animal. A must-have for fans of Strictly No Elephants and Bear Is a Bear

Peanut the stuffed penguin does everything with Pearl. That means napping and playing, but it also means getting drooled on and dragged around. One day, Peanut has had enough and decides to slip out of Pearl’s backpack. At first, life without Pearl is all Peanut dreamed of. Freedom! Independence! But then it gets rather lonely.

Peanut begins to wonder if Pearl has found a new favorite toy. Luckily, Peanut could never be replaced, and Pearl shows up just when Peanut needs her the most.