Max Tilt: Enter the Core

Max Tilt


Author: Peter Lerangis


The final installment in the adventure-packed, jacketed, hardcover middle grade trilogy that dares to reimagine the classic adventure tales of one of literature’s all-time greats, Jules Verne, from modern master storyteller and New York Times bestselling author, Peter Lerangis.

Max Tilt thinks his luck is finally changing, and it’s all thanks to his great-great-great-grandfather Jules Verne’s unfinished, unpublished manuscript, The Lost Treasures. Using the clues Verne left behind, Max and his cousin Alex were able to bottle the magical healing elements needed to save lives just in the nick of time. But with one problem solved another is created.

Half of the last remaining vials were stolen by a former friend who has plans to use them to “heal” the world. But her plan might not be as smart as it seems. And so now it’s up to Max and Alex head out on their most death-defying adventure yet, to the center of the Earth, to stop her before it’s too late.

Inspired one of Verne’s best-loved books, Journey to the Center of the Earth, it’s the final installment of the riveting adventure series from master storyteller and New York Times bestselling author Peter Lerangis.