Author: Julie Murphy

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Millie and Callie don’t really have much in common. Millie spends her summers at “fat camp” thanks to her mom’s own body issues. She doesn’t have a problem with her weight, but doesn’t know how to tell her mom. This summer she’s set on making a change and following her dream of being a journalist. Callie is the captain of the dance team and dating one of the most popular boys at school. Then Callie leads her dance team on a vengeful prank at the gym, gets caught, kicked off the dance team, has to work at the gym to pay for the damages, and her boyfriend breaks up with her. She’s lonely and feels like she’s lost everything. But while working at the gym she gets to know Millie, and the two discover they have a lot more in common than they ever imagined.

Your teens will adore this story of female friendship as they return to Clover City, Texas, in this companion novel to Dumplin’.