Throwback: Out of Time



Author: Peter Lerangis

Thirteen-year-old Corey Fletcher is the world’s first Throwback. He has the power to not only to travel back in time, but to change the past. It’s a power that comes with no small amount of responsibility—and when Corey tries fix some of history’s worst evils, he discovers that the consequences for his good deeds are life-shattering.

Now back in the present, Corey has to deal with the fact that the changes he wrought in the past have made his own existence impossible. Trapped in a body that’s not his own, his powers all but gone, Corey’s newest mission may be the hardest of all—to save himself. With the help of his best friend, Leila, and an uneasy alliance with a mysterious group, Corey’s going to have to risk it all to find a way to fix the past without destroying history as we know it.