Throwback: The Chaos Loop



Author: Peter Lerangis


Peter Lerangis, the New York Times bestselling author who has written more than 165 books that have sold nearly 6 million copies, returns with the second book from his new time-travel Throwback trilogy. In The Chaos Loop, Corey gets addicted to meddling with the past and in doing so, may have just destroyed his future.

Ever since thirteen-year-old Corey Fletcher found out that he’s the world’s first “throwback,” with the power to not only visit history, but change it, he’s been spending as much time in the past as possible. Whenever his friends get in trouble or his family needs help, all Corey has to do is zip back in time a few days and he can fix all their problems. Corey loves using his skills for good—and making himself look great is a nice perk, too. But when Corey’s meddling goes too far, he finds out that altering time can have devastating consequences.

To set history right, Corey must return to the past and find a way to stop a cohort of Nazis who’ve evaded capture and escaped Germany for South America. They aim to re-ignite World War II from a new front—and the mastermind behind their evil plans may just be Adolf Hitler himself!

Get ready for time-warping adventure with a historical twist in the second book of the rollicking Throwback trilogy from the New York Times bestselling author of the Seven Wonders and Max Tilt series, Peter Lerangis.