Pompeii Disaster

Flashback Four


Author: Dan Gutman



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The time-traveling career of the Flashback Four is over. After the four friends get stuck in 1912 New York City and almost sank with the Titanic, eccentric billionaire Miss Z is ready to discontinue the Flashback Four program, and give up on her dreams of collecting never-before-seen photographs to open a museum. But then Luke, Julia, David, and Isabel take her on an exciting day trip to present-day Pompeii, Italy, and convince her to send them on one more risky mission—to photograph Mount Vesuvius as it erupts. Real photographs of Pompeii, combined with Dan’s signature mix of action and hilarity, make this an explosive time-traveling adventure. Racing against time and a deadly cloud of gas and ash, the four kids must work together to get home before they’re ancient history.