Treacherous Seas

A Perilous Journey of Danger and Mayhem


Treacherous Seas will be available soon.
Estimated Ship Date is November 5, 2019

Author: Christopher Healy

Estimated Ship Date: November 5, 2019

After saving New York by thwarting Ambrose Rector’s dastardly plot to control the minds of everyone at the 1883 World’s Fair, Molly Pepper and Emmett Lee thought they’d have it made. They were heroes, after all. But if someone saves the world and there’s no one around who remembers it, did it really happen?

Now Molly, Emmett, and Molly’s mother, Cassandra, are left to prove themselves once again. And they aim to do it with an achievement that no one could ignore or forget: winning the race that has captured the attention of the world, to be the first people to find the South Pole. But despite their one-of-a-kind ship, their can-do attitude, and the help of a determined young journalist named Nellie Bly, the path to the Pole is not without its challenges—or its terrors. It is the path Emmett’s father took when he led an expedition to Antarctica on behalf of Mr. Alexander Graham Bell—the expedition in which Mr. Lee and his entire crew were killed. Does death await our heroes on these treacherous seas?

The second installment in Christopher Healy’s madcap, unforgettable adventure takes readers to a world unlike any they’ve ever known in pursuit of fame and fortune. Or, maybe just fortune. And maybe not all that much fortune. Heck, they’d be happy just to make it back alive.