Circle, Square, Moose

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Author: Kelly Bingham

Illustrator: Paul O. Zelinsky

What is Moose up to now? In this companion to Z Is for Moose, one of the most acclaimed picture books of 2012, Moose infiltrates a book about shapes (because he loves shapes, naturally) and it is up to his best friend, Zebra, to restore order and save the day. Another triumph from the award-winning team of Kelly Bingham and Paul O. Zelinsky.

Moose loves shapes. So when he happens upon a book called Circle, Square, Triangle in the library, he can’t help but jump in. Shapes! They are everywhere and they are so much fun! Soon, though, the narrator of the book is asking Moose to leave, because in all of his enthusiasm and joy he is just making a mess of the pages. But Moose doesn’t want to leave. He refuses to leave. Sound like a job for Zebra? You bet. And the chase is on.

This hilarious book manages to illustrate a fact or two about shapes while providing a three-dimensional stomping ground for best friends Moose and Zebra. What will happen? Who will save the day? It’s all up in the air until the final page, where Moose and Zebra (and Cat, too) create a perfect—and perfectly heartwarming—ending. This stand-alone companion to Z Is for Moose features a multilayered story told through text, asides, conversation bubbles, and pictures. Themes of friendship, exploration, and conflict resolution--and of course the concept of shapes, including the shape of a book—make this an ideal read-aloud for the elementary school classroom.