The Titanic Mission

Flashback Four

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Author: Dan Gutman

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The eccentric billionaire Miss Zandergoth is very disappointed with the Flashback Four. Luke, Isabel, David, and Julia did not come back from their first time-traveling adventure with a photograph of Abe Lincoln delivering the famous Gettysburg Address for Miss Zs rare-photograph collection. But shes willing to give the Flashback Four another chance, by sending them on their most dangerous trip yet to the deck of the doomed Titanic, for a shot of the sinking ship.

In this second adventure in bestselling author Dan Gutman's Flashback Four series, Luke, Julia, David, and Isabel embark on a journey to capture one of the most exciting and tragic moments in history. Along the way they will meet and learn about some of the most famous real-life passengers aboard the ship, including millionaire John Jacob Astor and captain Edward John Smith. Historical photographs, combined with Dan's signature mix of hilarity and action, make this a time-travelling adventure of titanic proportions! Racing against time and rising waters, the four kids must work together to get the perfect shot and most important to get back home!