Mrs. Lane is a Pain!

My Weirder School


Author: Dan Gutman


Illustrator: Jim Paillot


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Great news! Ella Mentry School is hosting a talent show. And to help everyone find his or her hidden talent, Principal Klutz has hired Mrs. Lane, a talent coach who’s appeared on every reality show on TV. But while all the other kids have their acts nailed down, A.J. is dismayed to realize that his stand-up comedy act is a total bomb. It seems audiences don’t want one-liners, they want “observational humor,” whatever that is.

But on the night of the talent show, A.J. digs deep and pulls off a routine that highlights some of the WEIRD things that have happened this school year. It’s a hilarious and heartfelt ending to the My Weirder School arc, and just in time to welcome the next arc of the series—My Weirdest School. The weirdness never stops!