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The School for Good and Evil*

School for Good and Evil


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Author: Soman Chainani


Welcome to a dazzling new world, where the only way to ace your fairy tale classes…is to live through them. A wicked fairy tale riff by debut novelist Soman Chainani!

Best friends Sophie (princess wannabe) and Agatha (witchy loner) are headed (via kidnapping) for The School for Good and Evil.

But their assumed destinies are reversed: Sophie’s dumped in the School for Evil and into Uglification and Henchmen Training classes, while Agatha attends Princess Etiquette and Animal Communication at the School for Good.

When a certain prince Charming (son of King Arthur) is thrown into the mix, and the Trial by Tale and Circus of Talents-”friendly” match-ups-pit the students against one another, anything can happen. And since Sophie’s unleashed her superior skills in class, she’s poised to claim the top spot as #1 villainess.

Now there’s no telling what will happen to the Snow Ball, the School for Good’s most ferocious competition of all. If a princess-in-training doesn’t get asked to the ball, she fails, but crossing Sophie could bring on a fate worse than being turned into a helpful rodent.