Author: Victoria Kann


Illustrator: Victoria Kann


Pinkalicious combines magic, love, and imagination to turn an ordinary place into an Emeraldalicious world.

Pinkalicious and her brother, Peter, decide to take a trip to their favorite park. But when they arrive, they discover that the park isn’t as clean and green as it used to be. To make matters worse, Pinkalicious’s favorite wand breaks! Luckily, Pinkalicious knows just what to do: Using some sticks and flowers, she creates a beautiful, pinkerrific wand perfect for the parka wand she soon discovers has magical powers. Together, Pinkalicious and Peter take turns using the wand to make wishesshowing their love for all things green and making the park a more pinkatastic place. Piles of trash magically transform into castles, thrones, and more! Pinkalicious shows the world that with a little imagination and a lot of love, the world can always be emeraldalicious.