The King of Attolia

A Queen's Thief

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Author: Megan Whalen Turner

Eugenides is robbed of his dignity, his strength, and his courage . . . or is he?

The Thief of Eddis is now the King of Attolia, even if in name only. One of his own guards, a young soldier named Costis, has just decked him—knocking him to the ground. The Queen of Attolia wants to behead the traitorous soldier. But the ever-inventive Eugenides has other plans for the angry and sullen Costis. And readers of The Thief and The Queen of Attolia will not be surprised to learn that those plans involve intrigue, espionage, and deceit. Costis has underestimated Gen. The people of Attolia have underestimated Gen. Even the Queen of Attolia has underestimated Gen. It is never wise to underestimate Eugenides.