Z is for Moose


Author: Kelly Bingham

Illustrator: Paul O. Zelinsky


In this hilarious alphabet book, each letter is represented by an animal or object, all participating
in an alphabet production being directed by Zebra. But Moose cant wait to go on! He keeps trying to get
on stage ahead of schedule, causing poor Zebra all kinds of problems. Then, when Mooses big entrance finally comes,
Zebra decides to go with M is for Mouse instead. Moose is devastated!

He tries to jump into any letter he can, while Zebra madly tries to stop him and keep the alphabet
in order. With only the letter Z to go, Moose gives up and starts to cry. But then Zebra hits on a solution
Z it turns out, is for Zebras best friend Moose.

Your young readers will delight in all the hilarious commotion Moose causes as they practice their ABCs and have fun correcting all the mistakes Moose creates. Ages 4-6. 32pp.