Kitten's First Full Moon


Author: Kevin Henkes


Illustrator: Kevin Henkes



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Audio $13.99

2005 Newberry Medal Winner!

What a night! It was Kitten’s first full moon. When she saw it, she thought, “There’s a little bowl of milk in the sky.” And she wanted it.

Poor kitten! She goes to great lengths to get that bowl of milk; she chases it through the garden, she climbs the tallest tree she can find, she leaps as high as she can possibly go … but she just never seems to reach it!  In the end, though, Kitten happily finds a great big bowl of real milk and is able to take a satisfied and well-earned rest. 

In the spirit of Ruth Krauss’ The Carrot Seed and Margaret Wise Brown’s Goodnight Moon, Kevin Henkes has created an enchanting story that young children and adults will love sharing over and over again, highlighted by a simple text and luminous black and gray illustrations. 

Your young readers and listeners will laugh with glee at Kitten’s antics as she tries to reach that bowl of milk in the sky, even as they learn with her that striving – even for the impossible – brings its own rewards if we give our best. Ages 2-6.