How Little Lori Visited Times Square


Author: Amos Vogel

Illustrator: Maurice Sendak

Poor little Lori. All he wants to do is visit Times Square, but somehow he just can't seem to get there!

From South Ferry all the way to 242nd Street with detours by Macy's, Central Park, Queens, and Staten Island along the way, little Lori takes an unintentional tour of New York City via bus, subway, horse and carriage, ferry, helicopter, and even riding on a turtle's back!

The highlight of this enormously amusing story is Sendak's enchanting drawings, which extraordinarily illustrate the ups and downs of little Lori's very arduous day as he desperately attempts to make his way to Times Square.

Will he ever make it? Perhaps with the help of a very slowwww new friend! This book, first issued in 1963 (the same year as Where the Wild Things Are) was years ahead of its time and only had one printing prior to this. One of Sendak's most sought after titles, it is at last available again for a new generation.