Grouchy Ladybug


Author: Eric Carle

Illustrator: Eric Carle

This ladybug is no lady!  All she wants to do is argue and fight with everyone she meets.  Hour after hour through the day she tries to pick fights with bigger and bigger animals.  Finally, a whale unintentionally – and hilariously – teaches her some manners.  Carle's ingenious use of cut-away pages reveal the relative size of each animal the Grouchy Ladybug meets, while clockfaces and the movement of the sun help young readers and listeners learn how to tell time.  This 20th anniversary edition is in a new, larger format with each illustration reproduced with greater clarity and brighter colors. 

Laid into each copy is an Eric Carle-illustrated door tag that says "Come in, I'm Happy" on one side and "Go Away, I'm Grouchy" on the other.   With an Eric Carle bookplate signed by Eric Carle.  Ages 3 - 6