Thursday's Child


Author: Noel Streatfeild

A thrilling, classic children’s adventure with acourageous heroine, from the beloved author of Ballet Shoes.

Margaret Thursday was named after the day she wasfound on the church steps as a baby. But she isn’t really an orphan – each yeara bag of gold coins is left at the church for her keep. However, when Margaretis eleven years old, the money suddenly stops and her guardians have no choicebut to send her away to an orphanage.

The orphanage is worse than they could haveimagined. The children are poorly treated and barely fed, and fearless Margaretsoon makes herself the enemy of the evil matron who runs it. Vowing to protecther new friends, Peter and Horatio, Margaret plans their daring escape . . .but she’ll have to outwit Matron at every turn.

Margaret’s action-packed adventure, set inturn-of-the-century England, takes her from orphanage to canal boat to theworld of the theatre. Through it all, Margaret is propelled by her unwaveringsense of self and determination