Help Books of Wonder Relocate!

Books of Wonder needs to relocate! After 15 years at 18 West 18th Street in NYC, our lease is coming to an end.

We have found a wonderful new location, but to renovate and move in will require an investment of $250,000 to $350,000. So we are reaching out to the children's book community for support. Many of you have received an email from me looking for "angel" lenders and replied by asking if there was a way for you to simply contribute to our moving expenses. This is the purpose of this GoFundMe campaign. 

Some of you may wonder why after so many years in business, we do not have the resources to handle this move on our own. The fact is that the financial stability of this store was dependent on the contribution of our sub-tenant a bakery/cafe/caterer.  They were responsible for 40% of the rent and other expenses. Unfortunately, they went out of business during the Great Recession, owing us over $300,000 in rent and other expenses. We did find another sub-tenant, who paid faithfully the first few years, but unfortunately, ran into financial trouble two years ago and has left us having to pay most of the rent. This has unfortunately, depleted our working capital.

As of September 2nd, Books of Wonder began its 40th year in business.  We hope to serve the children, families, authors, artists, and children's book community of the NYC area and beyond for many more years to come. With your help and that of our other many friends and supporters, we hope this will be possible.

We thank you all for your support. No donation is too small (or too big!) and if you prefer to remain anonymous, that's fine, though we would love to be able to thank all those who contribute.

All donations can be made through our GoFundMe page. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email

 You can visit our silent auction here


Will I still be able to purchase my holiday gifts at Books of Wonder?

Absolutely! We will be providing you with our carefully curated, high-quality new and rare books with the same amazing customer service experience through the end of the year and beyond. Please visit us at 18 W. 18th Street, 217 W. 84th Street, or purchase your books online at Please encourage your friends and family to do the same. After the end of the year, we will still be your community children’s book store at our Upper West Side location and online. And we hope to soon announce our new downtown location as well.

When will you be making your new location public?

We are eager to serve our loyal customers in the Chelsea/Flatiron neighborhood. We will announce our new location in our stores, through our social media, and on our website as soon as all the legal I’s are dotted and T’s are crossed. Stay tuned!

Why are you not taking out a bank loan?

We have looked into this, but banks generally want small business loans repaid in 12-24 months. The creation of a new bookstore is a 10-year investment and trying to repay the loan in that short a period, particularly at the higher interest rates banks charge small businesses, would end up putting a financial strain on the store’s cash flow.

Are you open to “angel” loans from individuals?

Yes, we are. If you’re interested, please reach out to Peter Glassman at

What will the money raised be used for?

There are so many expenses involved in relocating – painting, new lighting, data lines, bookcases, carpeting, security deposit, physically moving the books, promotion of the new location, sound system, and other general expenses.

What if I can’t give any money?

We love you anyway! And would appreciate any other type of help you might provide, like following us on social media and reposting and sharing our content. And sharing our GoFundMe link with your fellow book lovers! And please talk to other people about what a specialized children’s brick and mortar book store means to you and any special memories you have of your experiences at Books of Wonder (and don’t forget to tag us! @booksofwonder).

Are you doing anything special in the store?

We’d love to see how Books of Wonder has made a difference in your lives. Stop by the store and add a note to our “Thanks for the WONDER!” memory wall. Sign up for our newsletter and attend our amazing book events. And of course, when you need to buy books for children and young adults, consider buying them at Books of Wonder.

I am a traditionally published author or illustrator with little money. How can I help?

We are currently looking for experiences, illustrations, and signed work that we can use for donation incentives. If you’d like to donate your time or work, please contact Eileen Lalley at