Master Crafters of Oz


Author: Philip John Lewin

Illustrator: Thresea Brandon

The Master Crafters of Oz by Philip John Lewin, illustrated by Theresa Brandon. In this sequel to The Witch Queen of Oz, the essence of the magic of Oz is once again in play! Tik-Tok has broken and only a Master Crafter perhaps even the legendary Smith & Tinker can fix him. But just who are the Master Crafters of Oz? What is their purpose? And why have they remained hidden for so many years? Join Dorothy, Ozma, and many beloved old Oz friends as well as such new characters as Remy, a young Oz boy who plays a mysterious violin that was made by one of the Master Crafters and is filled with unexplained magic as they seek to help Tik-Tok and find themselves delving deep into one of the oldest and deepest secrets of Oz! With 9 full-page black-and-white illustrations.