Queer Cheer : Activities, Advice, and Affirmations for LGBTQ+ Teens (LGBTQ+ Issues Facing Gay Teens and More)


Author: Eric Rosswood & Jodie Anders

A positive affirmations book with invaluable information for all queer teens

Inspirational and motivational quotes and information. Queer Cheer provides advice and words of wisdom encouraging teens to find—and keep—their inner rainbow. Covering topics relevant to lgbt+ teens today, this instructional book includes everything ranging from bullies and discrimination to acceptance and advocating change.

Illustrated words of encouragement from a friend. Authors Eric Rosswood and Jodie Anders know what it’s like to be a teen struggling with identity and societal norms. That’s why they’re fighting to counter the negativity facing queer teens now and in the future. Queer Cheer includes many teen voices offering tips, advice, related firsthand experiences, and other valuable knowledge.

Inside Queer Cheer, find:

  • Affirmations and words of wisdom focusing on areas specific to LGBT+ teens
  • Thought-provoking questions that lead to self-acceptance and encourage positive change
  • Illustrations and doodles that inspire, empower, and strengthen the hearts and minds of queer teens