You Can Throw a Party!


Author: Jan Gniffke


Illustrator: Rebeca J. Pintos

*Signed Bookplate!*

You’re Worth Celebrating!

This charming and vibrant book, You Can Throw a Party!, conveys the importance of believing there is value in who you are and encourages celebrating YOU each and every day. From dressing up with your cat to having a party pretending it’s on Mars, Jan Gniffke inspires children everywhere to use their imagination and creativity to celebrate with others—whether they are people from your neighborhood, teachers at your school, or people in the community you might not know yet. Love yourself and share with others that they, too, are worth celebrating just the way they are! A perfect book for social and emotional learning activities, You Can Throw a Party! includes self-esteem-building questions that encourage creativity, inclusivity, and exploring what makes each of us special.