Time Buddies


Time Buddies will be available soon.
Estimated Ship Date is June 25, 2024

Author: Matthew Cody, Colleen AF Venable, Marcie Colleen, Chad Thomas, Linh "Mato" Nguyen

Estimated Ship Date: June 25, 2024

Buckle up your chrono-belt and get ready to explore another dimension of the Cat Ninja story! Time Buddies is a history-smashing, humor-packed new graphic novel from Epic Originals!

When Hoot, an adorable, impulsive owlet from the future, meets Bentley, a studious, rule-following kid from the present, neither one quite fits into their own time. But with the accidental click of a sparkly button (or is it a snazzy one?), the two are off on an adventure that winds through ancient Egypt, the Wild West, and even the Renaissance!

Will the history-hopping duo make it back to when they belong, or are these buddies officially out of time?