Danger at Dead Man's Pass

Adventures on Trains


Author: M. G Leonard & Sam Sedgman


Illustrator: Elisa Paganelli


This fourth book in the middle-grade Adventures on Trains series by M. G. Leonard and Sam Sedgman finds amateur sleuth Hal Beck dealing with a family curse and a possibly haunted railway line.

Curses aren't real . . . are they?

Twelve-year-old artist and budding railway detective Hal Beck is back on the case. This time, he and Uncle Nat have been invited by Baron Essenbach to help solve a mystery—a supernatural one. Because Essenbach thinks there might be something going on with his wife's family, the Kratzensteins. They are powerful German railway tycoons who are very rich . . . and maybe cursed.

After all, legend says that an ancestor of the Kratzensteins once made a deal with the devil. And now one of them is dead.

Hal and Uncle Nat agree to help, going undercover on the Kratzensteins, funeral train to find out what's really going on with this family. As more and more questionable things happen, can Hal solve this paranormal puzzle before it's too late?