A Stickler Christmas


A Stickler Christmas will be available soon.
Estimated Ship Date is October 8, 2024

Author: Lane Smith

Illustrator: Lane Smith

Estimated Ship Date: October 8, 2024

Happy-go-lucky Stickler, an original character covered in sticks, is celebrating Christmas by passing out presents for all his friends.  He has carefully selected the right stick for each of them, including: a Hop-Higher Stick for Rabbit, an Idea Stick for Crow, an In-a-Pear-Tree Stick for Partridge. But Doug-the-Fir doesn’t want a present, he is too worried about being covered with decorations and lights and being the center of attention. So, Stickler promises to think of a solution and finds the perfect stick. But in order to help his shy friend, Stickler needs to be the one to shine.