Maybe It’s a Sign


Author: E. L. Shen


*Signed Copies, While Supplies Last!*

An uplifting middle-grade novel about loss, courage... and deep-dish chocolate chip cookies — perfect for fans of King and the Dragonflies and The Remarkable Journey of Coyote Sunrise.

Seventh grader Freya June Sun has always believed in the Chinese superstitions spoon-fed to her since birth — but ever since her dad’s death a year ago, she’s become obsessed, believing that her father is sending her messages through signs from the beyond. Like how, on her way to an orchestra concert where she’s dreading her viola solo, a pair of lucky red birds appear, a sure indication that Dad wants Freya to stick with the instrument and make him proud.

Then Freya is partnered with Gus Choi, a goofy and super annoying classmate, for a home economics project. To her surprise, as they experiment with recipes and get to know each other, Freya finds that she loves baking much more than music. It may be time for a big change in her life, even though her dad hasn’t sent a single sign that it’s something he approves of. But with the help of her family, Gus (who might not be so annoying after all), and two maybe-magical birds, Freya learns that to be her own person, she might just have to make her own luck.