Author: Alex Crespo


*Signed Bookplates!*

My Big Fat Greek Wedding meets You Should See Me In a Crown in Queerceañera, a young adult rom-com following Joaquin Zoido—a seventeen-year-old kid who’s suddenly thrown into a whirlwind of telenovela-level drama when he finds himself fake-dating his childhood crush and newly minted date to his “queerceañera."

Joaquin Zoido is out and proud of it. And while he knew his dad and sister, Carmen, would be super supportive, he wasn’t quite ready for them to surprise him with a "queerceñera," a coming out party to celebrate him. Between all the talks of tastings, venues, and the chirping of his family’s RSVP texts, the question of who will be his chambelán is on everyone’s mind.

What Joaquin is decidedly trying to not think about is whether his mom is going attend or if she’s finally replaced him with her favorite godson, Felix—the boy who made Joaquin realize he was gay and who was his first kiss. But when an impromptu lie snowballs into a full-fledged family-group-chat rumor, every Zoido from Texas to Mexico starts believing that Felix is not only Joaquin’s chambelán, but also his brand-new boyfriend.

To avoid the pity and sympathies of an ill-timed breakup, Joaquin and Felix strike a deal—they’ll stay fake boyfriends until the party. Yet, as the day draws nearer and old feelings spark anew, Joaquin will have to decide whether a picture-perfect queerceañera with a fake boyfriend is worth giving up the chance of something real.