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The Mythics #1: Marina and the Kraken

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Author: Lauren Magaziner


Illustrator: Mirelle Ortega

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Case Closed author Lauren Magaziner and artist Mirelle Ortega present the first book in a new highly illustrated middle grade fantasy series full of action, adventure, and friendship, set in a magical world where a team of five girls must stop a powerful villain by finding their familiars, who are all mythical creatures.

On an annual Pairing Day, every ten-year-old in Terrafamiliar gets an animal familiar. Marina has been waiting for this day—anxiously—for as long as she can remember. Because today’s the day she gets to bond with her animal companion for life.

Except after the ceremony ends and every familiar has found its human, Marina doesn’t have one. But this is impossible! Soon, Marina learns she’s not alone...four other girls also didn’t get their familiars. The leaders of Terrafamiliar realize something special is happening, something that only happens in times of unrest.

Marina and the other four girls — Kit, Ember, Pippa, and Hailey — are called Mythics. Instead of their familiars coming to them, they have to go find their familiars using the glowing arrows that appear on their palms. And the Mythics’ familiars aren’t regular animals like everyone else’s—they are mythical beasts that the Mythics must earn in quests of courage.

Suddenly, Marina and her new friends are thrust on an adventure to find their Mythies. But danger lurks everywhere, as there are others seeking this mysterious power. And only the Mythics can save Terrafamiliar!