A Wild Winter Swan

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Author: Gregory Maguire


It's Christmas time in 1960s New York, but teenaged Laura is anything but merry. After her brother's death and her mother's emotional breakdown, Laura lives with her strict Italian grandparents in a joyless townhouse on the Upper West Side. Hurting, she withdraws from friends and family and the rest of the world. However, as Christmas Day approaches, something extraordinary happens when Laura discovers a swan boy with a broken wing on her rooftop. She’s determined to take care of him and build him a new wing so that he can fly again. And in this act of kindness, she might just find her own way to healing. Your teens will adore this magical tale of heartbreak and hope as Maguire reimagines the classic Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale, The Wild Swans. Ages 14 and up. 240pp.