Nathan Hale & George O'Connor

Nathan Hale is the author and illustrator of the Eisner-nominated, New York Times bestselling graphic novel series on American history NATHAN HALE'S HAZARDOUS TALES. He also created the sci-fi horror comics ONE TRICK PONY and APOCALYPSE TACO.

Thrilling, daring, and downright gruesome stories from American history, in Graphic novel form. Nathan Hale's Hazardous Tales is an Eisner-nominated, #1 New York Times bestselling series.

George O’Connor is a Greek mythology buff and a classic superhero comics fan, and in this series of graphic novels, he’s out to remind us how much our modern superheroes owe to mankind’s ORIGINAL superheroes: the Greek pantheon!
In OLYMPIANS, O’Connor draws from primary documents to reconstruct and retell classic Greek myths. But these stories aren’t sedate, scholarly works. They’re action-packed, fast-paced, high-drama fantasy adventures, with monsters, romance, and not a few huge explosions. O’Connor’s vibrant, kinetic art brings ancient tales to undeniable life, in a perfect fusion of super-hero aesthetics and ancient Greek mythology!