YA Romance

YA Romance

July 6th at 6PM

Fall in Love With These Wonderful Titles! 

From a lush enemies-to-lovers romance to a movie theater rom-comedy of errors, from a canoe race that brings rivals together to a love story racing against the clock, these books will have you blushing! 

Get to know: 

  • When the Vibe is Right by SARAH DASS. Tess knows she's inheriting leadership of the family’s masquerade band, Grandeur. She also knows that her classmate, the popular social media influencer, Brandon, is the bane of her existence. But when the future of Grandeur hinges on her teaming up with Brandon to save the company, Tess begins to wonder if everything she thought she knew might not be so certain after all...

  • Make the Fireflies Dance by RACHEL BATEMAN. After hopeless romantic Quin is kissed by a stranger in a dark theater, her rom-com obsessed imagination begins plotting the perfect movie-version ending to her senior year, complete with a dream prom. After going on blind dates with all the guys who were at the theater that night in order to discover who kissed her, she's still no closer to finding who her mystery kisser was. But perhaps she's falling for a guy who definitely isn't the one she's been looking for...

  • In the Same Boat by HOLLY GREEN. When her brother ditches her for a better team, Sadie is forced to team up with Cully, her former best friend turned worst enemy, for the Texas River Odyssey, a legendary 265-mile canoe race. It's three days of grueling, nonstop paddling, where every turn of the river reveals new challenges, but the dangers are all worth it. She has to redeem herself for the disaster of last year. Cully irritates her to no end, but as the miles pass, the pain builds, and Sadie realizes she'll have to work with Cully instead of against him.

  • The Half Life of Love by BRIANNA BOURNE. After finding out he's lived half his life at a very young age, Flint spends the next half living it as miserably as possible, in order to make his fast-approaching death more bearable. He cut off all friends, and deprives himself of all joy. Then he meets September Harrington, an utter explosion of brilliance and fun, and all his plans fly out the window. She's working on curing the half life, but has secrets of her own. Is this epic love doomed from the start, or do they really have more time?

Thursday, July 6th at 6PM via Crowdcast!

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