YA Historical Fiction

YA Historical Fiction

December 7th at 6PM ET

YA Titles Sure to Make Their Mark on History... and Your Heart!

These fresh YA books are full of romance, intrigue, twists and turns! 

Tune in for:

  • Charming Young Man by ELIOT SCHREFER. Sixteen-year-old Léon knows that if he becomes France’s next great pianist, it will keep his family afloat. Despite being the youngest student ever accepted into the prestigious Paris Conservatory, he still needs an outside patron. A young Marcel Proust takes Léon under his wing, and the boys game their way through an extravagant new world. When a larger-than-life Count offers his patronage, Léon’s dreams are made real. But the more absorbed he is into his big dreams, the more he strays from the old country life, including Félix... a boy he might love. With each choice Léon makes, he must navigate a fine line between two worlds — or risk losing it all. 

  • Stolen By Night by STEVE WATKINS. After France falls under Nazi rule, Nicolette is drawn into a growing resistance movement, and is determined to do her part to fight back. One night, she vanishes without a trace, taken from the street by Nazi soldiers and declared an enemy of the state. Soon, Nicolette realizes her greatest weapon against the Nazis is to live, so she can tell the world the truth of what happened. But can one girl survive what was designed to destroy so many?

  • I'll Take Everything You Have by JAMES KLISE. In the summer of 1934, Joe Garbe arrives in Chicago with one goal: Earn enough money to get out of debt and save the family farm. Joe’s cousin sets him up with a hotel job, then proposes a sketchy scheme to make a lot more money fast. While running his con, Joe meets Eddie, a handsome flirt on a delivery truck, and Raymond, a carefree rich kid who shows Joe the eye-opening queer life around every corner of the big city. But when danger closes in — from gangsters, the police, and people he thought were friends — Joe needs to pack up and get lost. But before he can figure out where to go, he has to decide who he wants to be.

  • Artifice by SHARON CAMERON. When the Nazi occupation of Amsterdam threatens to shut down Isa's parents' art gallery, she and her father create and sell a forged painting to keep it afloat. She soon learns that her best friend Truus is part of a Dutch resistance group that is smuggling Jewish babies out of Amsterdam, but he needs money. This time she must make the forged painting herself, and successfully sell it before everything comes crashing down on her and those she loves.

  • The Prince and the Coyote by DAVID BOWLES. When a power struggle leaves fifteen-year old crown prince Acolmiztli's father dead and his mother and siblings in exile, he must run for his life.  After a coyote helps him find his way in the wild, he takes on a new name – Nezahualcoyotl, or "fasting coyote" – and chooses to bide his time before he returns to reclaim the throne. But can Neza survive his plotting uncles' scheme to wipe out his line for good?

Thursday, December 7th at 6PM ET via Crowdcast!

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