YA Friday Event! Vesper Stamper's BERLINERS!

YA Friday Event! Vesper Stamper's BERLINERS!

Friday, October 28th at 6:00PM EST
17th Street Location


A riveting story about the rivalry between two brothers living on opposite sides of the Berlin wall during its construction in the 1960s, and how their complicated legacy and dreams of greatness will determine their ultimate fate. 

Born in Germany and raised in New York City, VESPER STAMPER writes and illustrates novels which tell, through both words and pictures, stories of history’s rhymes. Be sure to join us for this incredible launch event for you and your most intrepid reader as we celebrate Berliners by VESPER STAMPER Live & In-Person at Books of Wonder on 17th Street!

Let's travel back to Berlin in 1961. Rudi Möser-Fleischmann is an aspiring photographer with dreams of greatness, but he can't hold a candle to his talented, charismatic twin brother Peter, an ambitious actor. With the sudden divorce of their parents, the brothers find themselves living in different sectors of a divided Berlin; the postwar partition strangely mirroring their broken family. But one night, as the city sleeps, the Berlin Wall is hurriedly built, dividing society further, and Rudi and Peter are forced to choose between playing by the rules and taking their dreams underground. That is, until the truth about their family history and the growing cracks in their relationship threaten to split them apart for good.

Join us for this Friday evening event as VESPER STAMPER and Books of Wonder tease out all the nuances of one of the most unique — and complex — periods in modern history. Pre-Order Berliners today!

Friday, October 28th at 6:00PM EST
In-Person at Books of Wonder on 17th Street!

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