YA Dark Fantasy

YA Dark Fantasy

Monday, November 7th at 6:00PM EST

Monsters, Magic, and Murder! 

Cursed lakes, teenage vampires, ghostly voices, and bargains with the devil — this YA panel features deliciously dark fantasies that'll grip you and won't let go! 

Tune in to explore the nightmarish and fascinating worlds of:

  • Forestfall by LYNDALL CLIPSTONE, where a young woman sells her soul to the Lord Under to save her home. But as she tries to struggle free from their new bond she finds that the allure of power might be too tempting after all...

  • The Whispering Dark by KELLY ANDREW, where two new students at Godbole University —  as different as can be — find themselves sucked into a tenuous alliance when a classmate turns up dead. But an unnamed enemy lurks in the dark and is eager to tear them apart! 

  • Belladonna by ADALYN GRACE, where nineteen-year-old orphan Signa finds herself under the care of estranged relatives: the eccentric —  and potentially dangerous —   Hawthornes. As she spirals further into their secrets, the only thing that might keep Signa alive... is Death itself.

  • Mere Mortals by ERIN JADE LANGE, where siblings Charlie and Reg have been living it up as teen vampires for a long, long time. But after a careless mistake, they're expelled from the vampire community and dumped in the middle of Nowhere, Iowa. Can they survive mortality? 

Monday, November 7th at 6:00PM EST via Crowdcast!


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