YA Crime Thrillers!

YA Crime Thrillers!

July 2nd at 4PM EST

Titles to Keep You on the Edge of Your Seat!

These books are full of deceit and suspense! From an unsolved murder mystery, to an unorthodox serial killer team up, to a lone survivor, you won't want to miss these thrilling tales! 

Tune in for: 

  • Girl Forgotten by APRIL HENRYSeventeen years ago, Layla Trello was murdered and her killer was never found. Enter true-crime fan Piper Gray, who is determined to reopen Layla’s case and get some answers. When she starts a podcast investigating Layla’s murder, Piper begins receiving anonymous threats telling her to back off the investigation, or else. The killer is still out there, and Piper must uncover their identity before they silence her forever.  

  • Some Shall Break by ELLIE MARNEY. After a shady character from their past reemerges and says that Emma is in danger from a copycat serial killer, Emma and Travis must enlist the help of the very serial killer that he and Emma had once put away, before the new copycat puts her down. Will they be fast enough to safe her life?

  • Only She Came Back by MARGOT HARRISON. After Kiri walks out of the desert dazed, almost unconscious, wearing her boyfriend’s sweatshirt, and covered in his blood, she tells a cashier that he’s still out there and most likely dead. Kiri is a prime suspect in his disappearance. Back in Kiri's hometown, true-crime fanatic Sam is obsessed — especially now that she recognizes the suspect as shy Katie from high school. She reaches out and befriends her, but as Kiri starts to confide in her, Sam realizes there’s more to the story than she had imagined. Can she keep Kiri’s secrets even though revealing them could put her where she's always longed to be — at the center of the story?

Sunday, July 2nd at 4PM EST via Crowdcast!

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