Wonderful YA Reads

Wonderful YA Reads

June 18th at 4PM ET

New Summer YA Reads!

Summer is perfect for getting lost in a wonderful new book and this virtual YA event is filled with new titles you won't want to miss! Be sure to tune in to discover how an overachiever must face her crush-turned-enemy, how three childhood best friends must face the future apart, and how two brothers' lives are torn apart by a single act of violence. 

Discover the stories of:

  • Promposal by RAECHELL GARRETT. In order to stand out on her college admissions, Autumn has a business idea: Promposal Queen, where she'll help her fellow students plan extravagant prom proposals. But she soon realizes that the only person who can help make her business soar is someone who broke her heart...
  • The Queens of New York by E. L. SHEN. Jia, Ariel, and Everett are inseparable best friends. But now it's the summer of their senior year and with them all going their separate ways, will they be able to navigate their dreams, heartbreak, and love when they're physically apart?
  • Saints of the Household by ARI TISON. Max and Jay are two Bribri (Indigenous Costa Rican) brothers. Living in Minnesota with their abusive father, they've learned to survive by keeping their heads down. But when they break up a fight and get on the bad side of school's star soccer player, everything they've tried to protect comes crashing down...

Sunday, June 18th at 4:00PM EST via Crowdcast!

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