Virtual Launch of The Legend of Brightblade by ETHAN ALDRIDGE

Virtual Launch of The Legend of Brightblade by ETHAN ALDRIDGE

March 1st, 6:00pm EST

Adventure fans, rejoice! Graphic novelist ETHAN ALDRIDGE is back with another fantastic story full of dastardly villains, nail-biting adventures, and the joys of friendship. 

In The Legend of Brightblade, young Prince Alto dreams of running away from home to fight dragons and save kingdoms like his mother did when she was young. Instead, he's stuck at home in the castle, forced to sit through the drudgery of statecraft and diplomacy lessons. But when he and two of his friends stumble onto a plot to usurp the Queen's throne, Prince Alto realizes that this might be the chance to prove himself he's been waiting for all along.

Don't miss this fantastic event! ETHAN ALDRIDGE will be joined in conversation by CAREY PIETSCH - the incredible artist behind the graphic novel adaptations of the hugely popular D&D podcast, The Adventure Zone! Check out all four graphic novels on our website, including the latest title, The Adventure Zone: The Crystal Kingdom!

Tuesday, March 1st, at 6:00pm via Crowdcast.

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