Virtual Event with Kate DiCamillo & Kekla Magoon

Virtual Event with Kate DiCamillo & Kekla Magoon

May 9th at 6PM ET

Terrific Middle Grade Tales!

Tune in to hear all about the latest releases from these titans of middle grade! From a summer of zany family affairs to a magical library that can literally take you anywhere in time, these intriguing titles are ones you won't want to miss!

Join us virtually to discover:

  • Ferris by KATE DiCAMILLO. It's the summer before fifth grade, and not only has Ferris's little sister decided to become an outlaw, but her uncle has moved into their basement, and her grandmother has started seeing a ghost in her room. Not to mention the army of raccoons that's trying to invade! Will Ferris be able to help her family settle down in time to start middle school? 

  • The Secret Library by KEKLA MAGOON. Ever since her grandpa died, Dally's mom has kept her under lock and key, while preparing her to take over the family business. That is, until Dally discovers a mysterious envelope address to her from her grandpa, with a map inside that leads to an enchanted library! Each book is a portal to a precise moment in time, and Dally goes on adventure after adventure! But the library has secrets of its own, and would shape her life as surely as her mother’s meticulous plans. What will Dally choose?

Thursday, May 9th at 6PM ET via Crowdcast!

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