Sunday, September 25th at 5:00PM EST, Virtual & Live
17th Street Location

The Vanderbeekers Are Back in Action!

KARINA YAN GLASER, New York-based storyteller extraordinaire, is the star author of our long-awaited HYBRID LAUNCH event on Sunday, September 25th! Find the newest chapter in the story of the Vanderbeekers family — it can only be The Vanderbeekers: On the Road!

In this new adventure in the New York Times bestselling series, our beloved Harlem family is putting the VAN in Vanderbeekers as they hit the highway to give their dad the best birthday surprise EVER! Recreating a road trip Papa never got the chance to take with his own father, the whole crew is packed and ready for a cross-country adventure.

Things get off to a rocky start. For one, the car breaks down! And things really veer off course when Laney discovers that Jessie and Orlando are interviewing at a college once they get to California. How can they even think about leaving New York? Wouldn’t that change their family? And how can Laney and her other siblings stop them?


Exploring themes of leaving home, embracing change, and the lessons to be learned when we go to a new place, The Vanderbeekers: On the Road is every bit a journey! This special Launch Event will not only give you and your young readers the chance to meet KARINA YAN GLASER at our 17th Street bookshop — but also online, where Vanderbeekers readers across the country can join in on the fun via Crowdcast!

Don't forget to pre-order your copy before September 25th to get your FREE guide to NYC, made by the author, KARINA YAN GLASER! This (unofficial) Vanderbeekers Guide to New York features the author's favorite spots in New York City!

September 25th at 5:00PM EST
Join us at our 17th Street Store and via Crowdcast!



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