Valentine's Day Pride

Valentine's Day Pride

February 12th at 6PM ET

 Magical and Adventurous Romances!

Every love story is magical in its own way, but these titles have a little something extra! Whether it's actual magic or matchmaking gone wrong (or did it?), these queer love stories are sure to enchant you!

Tune in for:

  • Evergreen by DEVIN GREENLEE. Quill is the first male Dryad ever, but he doesn't have a lick of magic, so his mom keeps him locked inside the house. That is, until his cute, annoying, and techy neighbor Liam accidentally discovers him. Soon, Quill is getting a taste of the outside world and of Liam, and he wants more... but all is not well in magical, urban garden, and someone — or something — is changing the very essence of it.

  • Daniel, Deconstructed by JAMES RAMOS. Photographer Daniel Sanchez knows that the only way to get by in an allistic world is to mask his autism and follow the script. That means that when Daniel meets a cool new classmate, Gabe, he's intent on setting him up with his gorgeous soccer superstar best friend, Mona, and they'll all live happily ever after. But love and matchmaking are uncharted territory, and when Daniel finds himself in the middle of this romance... he questions where he really fits in.

  • By Any Other Name by ERIN COTTER. When Will Hughes' mentor, Christopher Marlowe, gets murdered, all hell breaks loose. Turns out Marlowe was a spy for the queen, tasked with stalking an assassin that is after the queen. Then Will accidentally saves the queen's life, and she names him her next spymaster. Partnered with entitled and unfairly handsome Lord James Bloomsbury, the two hunt the cunning assassin, defend the queen’s life, and pray to keep their own... all while an unexpected connection blossoms between them.

  • Okay, Cupid by MASON DEAVER. Jude thinks they have love down, because they're a cupid and have been studying it their whole teen life. Never mind that they're currently on probation for doing something that they absolutely, definitely shouldn't have done... but with this new assignment, they're not worried, until they learn that they have to go to high school, with kids their own age. However, when Jude gets involved, they realize that maybe they don't know the first thing about humans and love... 

Monday, February 12th at 6PM ET via Crowdcast!

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