Triple Picture Book Launch!

Triple Picture Book Launch!

July 20th at 6PM EST
17th Street Location

Join Us for Some Special New Stories!

These brand new picture books are perfect for sharing with your favorite young readers! Along the way you'll meet a dragon who gets grumpy when mistaken for a very large frog, a boy who practices a new skill and finds his own unique style along the way, and a woman operating a shipping crane and working wonders!

Come along for: 

  • I Am a Dragon! by SABINA HAHNA squad of frogs is excited when they spot a very big frog in their pond. But when the creature says that he isn’t a frog, the frogs insist that he’s the one who is wrong. What happens when the creature has had enough of the quibbling?

  • When Rubin Plays by GRACEY ZHANGRubin loves the beautiful sounds that are played by the orchestra. He wants to learn to play the violin and make his own music. But when Rubin plays, it doesn't sound like he imagines it should. Rubin goes into the forest to practice alone and despite only getting the violin to screech, he finds an unlikely audience that loves his unique style.

  • Crane Jane! illustrated by DAN YACCARINOCrane Jane punches the clock at the dock, then climbs into her tall, tall crane. She’s ready for a day of lifting cargo from ships to dry land. Then comes Jane’s biggest challenge of all—a firetruck! But when high winds send her load swinging, Jane uses all her skill to keep the crane under control. Parents and children can read together the clang-clang! of the crane and toot-toot! of the ships!

Thursday, July 20th at 6PM EST at Our 17th St Store

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