Triple Middle Grade Launch

Triple Middle Grade Launch

April 2nd, 3:00pm EST

Middle school jitters, secret acting roles, and a summer full of guinea pigs and problem solving!

There are so many incredible middle grade stories being published each ad every week! And to help our customers get to know a few of those titles better, we're joining teams with three amazing authors to celebrate the launches of their books! 

Middle grade is such a far-ranging category, but at the heart of so many of the best middle grade stories is a question of finding yourself and becoming who you want to be. These three new novels all capture that questioning feeling, and in three wonderfully different ways! Whether your young readers are looking for a story about finding your passion and your place in the world before high school, getting used to a brand new middle school, or trying to keep busy without your best friend in the world around to hang out all summer, these books have it all! 

Don't miss this fantastic chance to get a sneak-peak at Karthik Delivers, by SHEELA CHARI, The Not-So-Uniform Life of Holly-Mei, by CHRISTINA MATULA, and Willis Wilbur Wows the World by LINDSEY LEAVITT!

Saturday, April 2nd at 3:00pm via Crowdcast

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