Storytime | With Dan Yaccarino

Storytime | With Dan Yaccarino

July 7th at 11:30AM ET
17th Street Location

Join Us for An Out of This World Storytime!

Teleport over to our 17th St store to listen to DAN YACCARINO read from his newest graphic novel for early readers, The Luna Sisters and Their Amazing Lunafish

In The Luna Sisters and Their Amazing Lunafish, the Luna Sisters live on opposite sides of the moon and never share anything, until they get a new pet for their birthday – Moona the fish. The girls set aside their differences to take care of their fish, until Nera sells Moona to the aquarium without a thought, only realizing her mistake after! Is it too late for the sisters to rescue their beloved Moona?

Sunday, July 7th at 11:30AM ET at Our 17th St Store!

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