Storytime Event with Melisa Fernández Nitsche

Storytime Event with Melisa Fernández Nitsche

September 16th at 11:30 AM EST
17th Street Location

Special Story Time Event!
Saturday, September 16th at 11:30 AM EST
at Books of Wonder!

Be sure to join us for a powerful and inspiring morning of history and perseverance with Melisa Fernández Nitsche, author of Cantora, as she reads from her new book! The perfect opportunity to get your copy of Cantora and get it signed + personalized, too! 

In CantoraMercedes Sosa sang about what it means to be human, and her songs of struggle always spoke the truth of the injustice that so many workers and families in Latin America faced. 

After winning a local radio contest as a teen, both her confidence and her fame grew. From a folk festival to Carnegie Hall and the Sistine Chapel, Mercedes performed the world over, sharing stories through song. But not everyone loved her singing: a military dictatorship ruled over Argentina, and they saw the power of her voice. Even from exile, Mercedes Sosa was a beacon of freedom for her people, and when she returned to her homeland, she persisted in her work: to be the voice of the voiceless.

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