Sally Cook's Hey Batta Batta Swing Baseball Trivia Show/Contest

Sally Cook's Hey Batta Batta Swing Baseball Trivia Show/Contest
Thursday, May 14, 2020
4:30pm EST
Off Site

Don't miss author SALLY COOK and Broadway singer and dancer ABBY CHURCH as they take over our Zoom Thursday, May 14th at 4:30pm (EST) for the first of their baseball trivia show/contest, Hey Batta Batta Quiz Show! The two will co-host the show, featuring a mix of multiple choice, true/false, and lightning-round questions all designed to test your baseball knowledge. This is the first of a three show series, at the end of which the person with the most points will win a set of SALLY COOK's How To Speak Sports series, signed by the author herself!


SALLY COOK is also the co-author of Hey Batta Batta Swing! The Wild Old Days of Baseball, a deep dive into the history of baseball from it's earliest games to today! Discover what it was like before there was a pitching mound or players had numbers on their jerseys. Learn how Babe Ruth got his nickname, why Brooklyn's team was called the Dodgers, and what Roger Clemens gave to keep his lucky number 21 when he switched teams. Study up with this guide of baseball through the ages and come prepared to hit this quiz show out of the park! Ages 8 & Up, Thursday, May 14th 4:30m (EST) via Zoom.