Romantic Pride

Romantic Pride

June 26th at 6PM ET

Books to Fall in Love With!

These titles are full of parties, romance, and summer fun! What more could you ask for? 

Tune in for:

  • Hot Boy Summer by JOE JIMÉNEZ. Mac has never really belonged anywhere, until he meets a group of kind, very hot gay guys that he felt he could be his authentic gay self with. Their connections kick off one hot, life-changing summer, where Mac will stand face-to-face with desire, betrayal, and letting go of shame, which might just lead to some huge discoveries about the realness of truly belonging.

  • Queerceañera by ALEX CRESPO. When Joaquin's dad and sister surprise him with a "queerceñera," a coming out party to celebrate him, the next biggest question is who will be his escort? Will it be Felix, his absent mom's favorite godson, and the one who made Joaquin realize he's gay? When one quick lie snowballs, the two enter a fake relationship, but what happens when real feelings start to resurface?

  • The Summer Love Strategy by RAY STOEVE. Hayley always has an unrequited crush, and her best friend Talia shares a similar plight. As a result, the two hatch a plan to help each other find summer love by putting themselves in situations that always lead to romance in movies. But as the summer wears on and they can't catch a break, they start to lose hope. Will they be able to get out of their own way? Or is summer love not as far off as they thought?

  • London On My Mind by CLARA ALVES. Dayana has always dreamed of visiting London, but her dream comes horribly true when her mother passes away suddenly, forcing her to move from Rio to live with her estranged father in London. Things finally start looking up when Day bumps into Diana, even if she may be embroiled in the latest royal scandal...

Wednesday, June 26th at 6PM ET via Crowdcast!

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