Read with Pride!

Read with Pride!

June 11th at 3:00PM EST

Fighting the Good Fight!

Saving the world, climbing social ladders, challenging the status quo and surviving high school. This exciting virtual panel features powerful voices that are loud-and-proud and unabashedly authentic. 

Join this panel to discover DAVID LEVITHAN's Answers in the Pages, where a boy must take on book banning in this small town, ROSIEE THOR's Fire Becomes Her, a lavish Jazz Age fantasy novel where a savvy political spy find herself falling in love with the wrong person, THE KAO's Magical Boy series where an average trans boy must defend humanity against an ancient evil, and LEWIS HANCOX's Welcome to St. Hell, a graphic memoir about a trans boy comes into his own while juggling the many ordeals of high school. 

Saturday, June 11th at 3:00PM EST via Crowdcast

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