Queer Romance

Queer Romance

June 6th at 6PM ET

Fall In Love With These Books!

Kick off Pride Month with these titles that are sure to make you swoon! 

Tune in for:

  • My Fair Brady by BRIAN KENNEDY. A modern day (and proudly gay) rom-com reimagining of My Fair Lady about two teen boys who fall in love after one asks the other to help him become more popular!

  • The Last Love Song by KALIE HOLFORD. Faced with a small, familiar future in her hometown or the unknown of leaving to pursue her dream of songwriting, Mia balks, until she discovers a string of mystery letters encouraging the latter from her estranged mother. With a countdown to when her sort-of girlfriend leaves, Mia has to make the choice: stay, or listen to the letters and go with her?

  • London On My Mind by CLARA ALVES. Dayana has always dreamed of visiting London, but her dream comes horribly true when her mother passes away suddenly, forcing her to move from Rio to live with her estranged father in London. Things finally start looking up when Day bumps into Diana, even if she may be embroiled in the latest royal scandal...

  • Boy Like Me by SIMON JAMES GREENE. Thanks to 1994's Section 28, there can be no mention of gay relationships in UK schools. When a kind librarian leads Jamie to a disguised novel in the library that reflects his own confused feelings towards boys, Jamie sees that he's not the only one who has checked the book out. Will Jamie and this mystery boy have the courage to meet and if they do, what will it take to hold on to each other?

Thursday, June 6th at 6PM ET via Crowdcast!

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